FA & Co is International blooming, tailored to your needs.

Who we are

FA & Co is a team of international business growth experts based in Germany. We help fast-growing companies grow through:

  • Talent search: identify, acquire, and integrate international talent into the company’s culture
  • Market entry analysis: understand, prepare for, and enter new international markets

Led by Fernanda Alvarez, FA & Co, gives you access to over 15 years of professional experience in multinational and public organisations and a global network of specialist contacts.


How we help companies like yours

The path towards international growth is different for every firm.

  • Do you want to expand your business internationally and diversify your markets, but lack the time to look for international talent or opportunities?
  • Do you aim to enter markets in Latin America or Europe but do not know where to start?
  • Do you lack the resources to cope with the complexity of international expansion?
  • Are you searching for international partners?

We understand the opportunities and challenges inherent in exploring new markets, and devise custom-made solutions tailored to your specific industry, value chain, competitive landscape, and long-term vision. Let our team of experts assist you with:

  • International talent recruitment: based on your business outlook and market perspective
  • Representation abroad: sales force in LATAM and Germany
  • Labour scouting and market analysis in LATAM and Europe: salary, positions, and market analysis
  • Diversity talent: integration workshops